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A collaboration of like-minded people. True Wine. Wines crafted with a sense of place and fun.

about mind map

The idea of collaborative retailing is not new. We were inspired by the pork producers of Spain.

The growers, in their pork industry, collaborate together to sell their products directly to the end consumer. We want to do the same in the wine industry by creating a collaborative selling platform – i.e. not an agency model.

We do not undercut any of our retail partners, our model doesn’t allow for this. This retail space creates an opportunity for us to talk directly to the consumer (and sell some wine) but hopefully, it will help build the SA wine brand for all retail partners – creating brand awareness.

social responsibility

At Mind Map Wines we believe in ocean revitalisation, environmental rejuvenation, and social upliftment. We are involved in supporting all of these principles on a global scale with many different partners.


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