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At Mind Map Wines we believe in ocean revitalisation, environmental rejuvenation and social upliftment. We are involved in supporting all of these principles on a global scale with many different partners.

We have made an internationally recognised, climate commitment by joining the SME Climate Hub. By making the SME Climate Commitment we are also recognised by the United Nations Race to Zero and Race to Resilience. Committing to achieve net zero carbon emissions before 2030, building a resilient business for the future.

We are members of The Porto Protocol, an international foundation fostering shared climate solutions and knowledge colloboration across the global wine industry. To this end we are pioneering the use of bio-degradable clingwrap – first in the wine industry.

We support The Beach Co-Op, a South African NPO, driven by an all-woman team that seeks to connect communities, institutions and organisations through evidence-based education and experiential learning to keep South Africa’s beaches clean and healthy and to protect and enhance ocean health.

SME Climate Hub

The Porto Protocol

The Beach Co-Op


The HeadStart Trust is a registered trust focused on community upliftment through education in marginalised communities in South Africa. Our main goal is to support existing music education opportunities and outreach programs in these communities by working with local music teachers and primary schools.

We actively support Alzheimer’s Scotland – a national dementia charity (Scotland). Our 2021 event partnering has helped raised over £10 000.00 for the organisation, in addition to sponsoring part of a much-needed pool car that they will use for home visits.

The Graaff family founded The Montrose Foundation on De Grendel Estate in 2008 to address substance abuse and addiction in youth from disadvantaged communities. The horses used for  Equine Assisted Intervention are stabled on De Grendel Estate and taken care of by staff.

The HeadStart Trust

Alzheimer’s Scotland

The Montrose Foundation


The Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trading Association is a unique multi-stakeholder, non-profit, voluntary organisation, which actively promotes ethical trade in the South African wine industry value chain through training, technical assessment and audits to assess members’ compliance with its code of good practice.

The Integrated Production of Wine, introduced in 1998, are an independently audited set of guidelines that ensure sustainable growing methods, the protection of  the South African biodiversity heritage and the careful management of water resources.

We walk a fine line between being as environmentally responsible as possible, while committed to social upliftment in our communities. This is why the majority of Bruce Jack Wines are packaged at source.



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