2018 The Drift Estate Over the Moon

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This wine is made in the same way ancient wine was produced by the Sumerians and Egyptians. From evidence gathered from these old civilizations, we have reimagined what techniques they would have used to make wine. Using this methodology and choosing robust grapes like Tinta Barocca, Shiraz and Grenache we have crafted a unique wine that is true to the ancient world of winemaking.

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Cinsault, Touriga Franca & Shiraz

Winemaker’s notes
I have always been fascinated by the history of wine – so I decided to repicate winemaking techniques used by ancient civilizations. I loved the results. I used robust, characterful varieties, but aimed for something elegant and zesty. there is obviously no oak influence but loads of structure. Take a sip and imagine it’s harvest time along the Nile, or you are enjoying some shade in one of the may taverns and ancient Sumaria.

When I was asked what I thought of my experimentation in ancient winemaking, my answer was simple – I was “Over the Moon!”, hence the name we have chosen. This is an old English saying which means we are very happy with the result. I’d like to think that those Sumerians and Egyptians would have also loved the wine.

Go Chilled – great on hot summer days this unusual, but delicious wine is best served slightly chilled. It loves anything pickled – try a mature chedder cheese with pickled onion, pickled fish, or our favourite – pulled pork with pickled relish.

Can be enjoyed now or cellared for 3-5 years.

Platter Wine Guide 2020 4.5 Stars

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