2021 Bruce Jack Daily Brew Pinotage

£10.00 / Per Bottle

When Pinotage is grown on the foothills of the Breedekloof (Broad Valley) the soil gives the wine a distinct red cherry aroma. By fermenting the wine slowly and at cool temperatures we create a soft, almost creamy mouth feel and lots of cherry, ripe plum with hints of chocolate and a tiny mocha zing on the finish - very balanced and morish.

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100% Pinotage

Winemaker’s notes
Grapes are harvested early in the day. They are then crushed, destemmed, and fermented on the skin. Open and closed pump overs are given for colour extract. From there the juice is fermented, blended, stabilized and filtered.

Pinotage goes surprisingly well with sushi, try it! Thai food is a natural partner as is barbequed meats, particularly game.

Can be enjoyed now or cellar at a cool temperature for 5 years.

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