2022 Bruce Jack Reserve Viognier

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I first tasted Viognier while watching the sunrise. It has always reminded me of the awesome potential of our sun. Expect aromas of peach blossom and ripe stone-fruit and citrus flavours with a touch of vanilla from judicious barrel fermentation.

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100% Viognier

Winemaker’s notes
The grapes in this exceptional wine originate from a specially single vineyard located in the Breedekloof. The cultivation of these grapes strictly adheres to organic and regenerative farming practices. What sets this vineyard apart is the extraordinary approach employed by the farmer, who utilises sheep for both weed control and leaf plucking, resulting in a unique and sustainable viticultural practice. The harvest of the vineyard occurs in three distinct stages. Firstly, the grapes are carefully picked during the green stage, ensuring a delightful natural acidity and crispness and fermented with wild yeast in tank. Subsequently, the grapes from the medium-ripeness stage undergo fermentation on the skins. Finally, the super-ripe grapes are fermented in new oak barrels. To fully capitalise on the diverse winemaking techniques and the intricate nuances contributed by these three stages, the wine is artfully blended after fermentation, resulting in a wine of remarkable complexity.

Add a touch of spice – Thai curry, Indian butter chicken or a Moroccan inspired tagine.

Rich pasts dishes like fettuccine alfredo or carbonara.

Equally enjoyed with a simple cheese board with brie, camembert or goats cheese.

Can be enjoyed now. Or cellar at a cool temperature for 2 years.


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